The BHB Co's Intent
We are a full service and fully integrated advertising agency and with a focus on brand building, brand maintenance and brand creation. While we do specialize in creation of stunning visuals, moving commercials and focused iconography - our primary job is still merely communication. Our true gift is our ability to help companies communicate: within the public sphere, with their customers, and with their employees and stakeholders. Any project, in any media, it all comes down to what and how we communicate about our client’s brand. How we say it. Who we say it to. And what others say and feel once our message is received.

Communication works two ways. We are not just speaking; we are also masters of listening. Listening to our clients— from which we form strong relationships. Listening to our marketing research — a firm understanding of how our clients place in the current business world and what their future projections are. Listening to our clients’ customers— their response is truly the litmus’s test on how well we are doing our job. Listening to our team members— the best ideas evolve from the strangest of places, and our collective experiences allow us to listen for them and knowing how to best use them.

Our goal is building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients; using our knowledge, experience and creativity to communicate their brands effectively. We bring clients to the right audience, with the right message and in the right places.

Concierge-level Service.
We are here to help your business. When you tell us what you need, we find a way to get it done. We will advise you on new marketing techniques and trends to expand your market share and possible expand into untapped markets. We are always thinking five steps ahead so we can anticipate what comes next before it's even on the horizon. In short, we make your life easier. Your success is our success. 

Valuable Partnership.
We can work on a job-to-job basis; however, we are not satisfied with being ‘just another vendor.' The BHB Co. strives to build relationships and partnerships with clients that are beneficial to us both. Furthermore, we like building relationships that are valuable to our clients. We will be an indispensable part of your team; an element of business that you can't imagine doing without.

Professional Expertise.
Not everyone knows the ins and outs of our industry and can deliver ideas that work. We set ourselves apart by delivering qualified, professional marketing services that reflect our expertise. We employ a team that is smart, savvy, educated and experienced. We look for clients who need and value the level of quality and insight we offer.

Useful Solutions.
When you approach us with a challenge, we're not going to suggest something just because it fits a formula, makes us money or looks ‘cool'. We know you're hiring us because you need a solution that meets your company's needs and works for you - that's what we deliver. 

The BHB Co's Team

Benjamin Blake

The BHB Co. was started in 2000 in Atlanta, Ga by Creative Director Benjamin Blake. Benjamin currently is the BHB Co’s Principal and Executive Creative Director. While he is an award-winning designer and creative director, he was Ivy League educated with an intense focus on traditional fine art and English literature. He showed artwork throughout the 90s at blue-chip New York City galleries as well and publishing short fiction internationally before a chance meeting inspired him to utilize his skills for advertising. He considers himself an “accidental adman." However, with over twenty-four year career, working with many of the worlds top agencies for several fortune 100 clients, there is no denying that his intellectual pedigreed fusion of high art with contemporary literature adds up to the ideal adman.

Chad Redfern

With over 25 years of expertise marketing, management and operations have allowed him to interfere and conduct substantially to prominent efficient business strategies. Outstanding knowledge followed with an exquisite “can do attitude” helped him manage and withstand difficult business challenges in the past. He is told to be inspirational and devotional, being able to organize the work and provide solutions to enterprise challenges. This allows him to a sharp focus on current business problems linked to a broad array of industries.

Currently, his work includes advertising, cutting edge marketing, social media, application development, artificial intelligence, and venture funding where his business execution abilities are engaged along with his rich experience. These talents bring the unique vision to all ventures, being able to transform any given need into an opportunity. With a great understanding of today's competitive international business and interconnected world. His experience, business execution, team leadership, team building and ability to build strategic partnerships is second to none. His language skills allow him to widen his business management and dynamic perspective allows himself to engage in different tasks in almost any environment.

Nothing is as simple or powerful as a noun meeting a verb.

“The Medium Is the Message” is one of the most influential and important media quotes to The BHB Co. Marshall McLuhan perfectly summarized the importance of understanding the power of the symbiotic relationship of content and more importantly the content’s container. The habit of how humans live with media is more important than the messages that media plays. Understanding consumer media habits assist completely in the decisions of what and how to utilize it best. Great advertising is should unfailingly attempt to contain an absolute truth within the proverbial big idea. A big idea that does not have a skeleton of the truth always will be merely noise. The BHB Co mines a brands truth and from said truth understands which media formats will enhance it best and finally we create the big idea to package it in.

No matter the nature of your business, having a solid marketing plan behind you is essential. If you fail to advertise your products and services effectively, it will be difficult for your business to succeed. Understanding what makes a particular advertisement effective allows you to tailor your own marketing plans and achieve better results. 

We cannot stress enough the importance of sincerity, honestly and the truth must be at the core of any advert listed below are some additional important qualities.

AD IS - Memorable.
In order to be effective, an advertisement has to be memorable for the viewer. If the viewer does not remember the ad after viewing it, the company sponsoring the ad is simply wasting time and their money. With an effective advertisement, the viewer should be able to recall clearly what happened during the ad, and more importantly, which product is being advertised. That recall is the hallmark of an effective advertisement. 

AD IS - Effective Targeting. 
A big part of developing an effective advertising campaign is knowing exactly who your target audience is. Chances are the product or service you offer will not appeal to everyone, so it is important to identify the segment of the population that is most likely to need what you have to offer. Identifying your target audience also helps you decide which television programs, radio stations and other advertising venues are likely to be the most effective. 

AD IS- Entertaining.
An effective ad will inform the consumer about the product or service you have to offer, but that advertisement also needs to entertain the potential buyer. Capturing the attention of the consumer is essential for an effective ad, and the more entertaining your can make that ad the more effective it can be. If it is appropriate, try to incorporate an element of humor into your ad, since that humor helps to capture and hold the attention of the viewer or listener. Creating a parody of recent events is often a good way to incorporate humor into your advertising campaign. 

AD IS- Attention Grabbing.
No matter how good your ad may be, it will do your company no good if no one sees it. An effective advertising campaign needs to engage the interest of the viewer with an attention grabbing design. Getting the attention of those potential customers is essential, so it pays to test several different designs and choose the one that is the most eye-catching.  Advertisements have time limitations to make an impression on your audience is limited to seconds. For billboard and print ads, this may be as little as 3-5 seconds; for radio and television, 30 seconds is usually standard. This limited time and space may encourage the notion that the ad or commercial must be full to the brim with information. This is misleading, and merely creates a cluttered, schizophrenic ad that becomes lost among similar amateur efforts. It is far more effective to develop a concise, coherent ad that appeals well to its audience. 

Advertisements have time limitations to make an impression on your audience is limited to seconds. For billboard and print ads, this may be as little as 3-5 seconds; for radio and television, 30 seconds is usually standard. This limited time and space may encourage the notion that the ad or commercial must be full to the brim with information. This is misleading, and merely creates a cluttered, schizophrenic ad that becomes lost among similar amateur efforts. It is far more effective to develop a concise, coherent ad that appeals well to its audience.

An Excellent ad is:
• ...connecting with its audience
• ...memorable and easily recalled 
• ...providing information quickly and succinctly 
• ...not confusing the viewer or making them hunt for the pertinent information
• ...calling the viewer to action 
• ...not lambasting the viewer with information; it allows room for the message to get the audience’s attention and connect.  


The first phase we call discovery. We listen to the client. It is imperative to completely understand the client's goals, needs and challenges. The next stage is to gain full understanding of the client’s company, processes and company culture. Extensive market research is performed. Through interviews, surveys and focus groups we will understand consumers’ perceptions of their brand in comparison to their competitors. We will observe the manufacturing process, sample the products, get a first-hand experience in purchasing and even work for the clients. We must completely understand the clients companies inter workers before moving forward from this stage. Then we turn full focus on the brand itself: We focus on where a brand has been, where it is going and where it is today. We survey the competitive marketplace and landscape. 

Brand Insight.
Brand Insight is the compiling market research stage of our process. This is where all the research is analyzed, and patterns are recognized as well as all branding challenges are concretely defined. Using the research, we will better identify the consumer models of who the target audience is and the media should be used to reach that target audience in the most cost-effective way. Concise cause and effect strategies are created a creative brief is then created. 

The next step is mulling things over and boiling things down to a compact, portable selling message. Short. Sweet. Strategic. To the point.  
Recommendations on which markets are to be reached, distribution changes, pricing and which media channels will be used to deliver the message. The agency’s creative will begin converting the advertising communication into words and pictures. The copywriter will, as the name suggests, write the copy, whilst the art director will visually implement the copywriter’s message; whilst the full service agency will be involved at every stage of the production. The traffic department will begin to create concrete timeliness for reviews, launches and any needed legal approvals. 

Here, is “where the magic happens." All strategies are clarified and distilled into words, colors, visuals and sounds. We take our finalized creative expression and project it into the most relevant and strategic marketing channels, and we set the metrics to measure our performance. 

The created ads are now introduced to its intended client base, but the process does not’t stop there. We watch the full introduction and interactions making mid-course corrections and any necessary tweaks and verifying and checking its performance.  

Our Creative Partners.