Delos Rugs 2014-2015 Design Guide Catalog
Client: Delos Rugs
Fully conceived and executed 2013 Delos Rugs design guide. The Guide focused on educating and introduces new products while simultaneously inspiring the interior-design community.

Hagakure Beer Logo, Package Design & Ad Campaign
Client: Hagakure Beer Bottling Company USA
Naming, graphic identity, and overall look and feel of the Hagakure brand. Multiple brand campaigns, the national launch and seasonal initiatives.

Delos Outlet Logo & eCommerce Website
Client: Delos Rugs
A new graphical sub-identity was created as well as a database driven factory outlet website. Products are internally self managed.
Windward Landing Business Complex Branding
Client: Ackerman & Co
Brand identity & branding package created to mirror the building and technology tenant's modern aesthetics.
Room & Board Arden Rug Manufacturing Commercial
Client: Room & Board
A manufacturing film highlighting the manufacturing of the Room & Board Arden Rug.
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SCM Group "Group Membership" Ad Campaign
Client: SCM Group - North American
Ad campaign designed to highlight professional users of CNC industrial woodworking products to inspire other woodworks to follow their "trade secret" lead.
Tag-line: "Lifetime membership into an elite group"
Wild Boar at the Door Italian Whiskey w/ Truffle Branding
Client: Distilleria di cinghiale
Integrated brand Identity, product design, product naming & advertisements for Italian whiskey with Infused with black or white truffles.
Tag-line: "Root no more my friend. A new beastly flavor beckons you."
Buckhead Tower at Lenox Square Branding
Client: Paramenter Realty Partners
Identity, branding and overall look and feel of the Buckhead Tower Building at Lenox Square.
Delos Corporate Website
Client: Delos Rugs
Website to educate, inform and inspire consumers and b2b clients to the multifaceted products at Delos Rugs. 
Goldwell - Colorzoom "2015 Color Campaign"
Client: Goldwell | ShearSalon
Glamour & Fashion Oriented POS materials demonstrating the available creativity that can be accomplished with their 2014 product lines.
T.Lockman LLC - "All-Things-Beautiful Gown" Ad Campaign
Client: T.Lockman LLC
Advertising & branding campaign to highlight the high design products distributed by T.Lockman LLC.
SCM Group eMarketing Campaign
SCM Group- North America
Weekly email web communications to inform current B2b customers or potential consumers. CRM database mantiance and focused marketing.
Latitude Solution Dyed Rugs - "The Anywhere, Everywhere Rug" Branding & Campaign
Client: Latitude Solution Dye Rugs
Branding launch and subsequent ad campaigns for Solution Dyed Rugs. 
Tag-line: "Live outdoor softly"
Vestigate Branding & Web Application
Client: Vestigate, Inc
Brand Identity, Vestigate legal research web platform and application and branding materials.
Tian Justman Spring 2013 Logo & Campaign
Client: Tian Justman Atelier
Re-envisioning of the Tian Justman logo as well as a whimsical brand rebirth. 
Tag-line: "Spring Cometh"
Spy for Hire - "Speak in Numbers" Branding & Promotional Materials
Client: Architect One Records
Brand Iconography, promotional and branding materials for the band "Spy for Hire's" debut album.
Delos Rugs - American Made to Order Infographics Poster
Client: Delos Rugs
Infographic to simply demonstrate the 3 step process for ordering a custom made to order rug.
Parmenter Realty Partners Corporate Team Photography
Client: Parmenter Realty Partners
Photo styled, Photographed & Photo Edited corporate portraits for Parmenter's team. 
Arden's Garden Media Packaging
Client: Arden's Garden
Company id kit creation and POS store materials. 
Clinician's Complex Re-Branding
Client: Cosmed
Re-imaged the Clinician's Complex logo & packaging. 
Captain Planet Branding & Ad Campaign
Client: Captain Planet Foundation
Re-branding for a younger and more refined informational effort.
Tag-line: "Recycled Designs."
Sirens Boutique - Full Branding & Point of Sale
client: Siren's Boutique
Complete branding idendity and Store design. 
Theatrical Play: RAU | WULF - Poster & Campaign Deign
client: Saiah International
Posters and additional materials for the play "Rau Wulf".
Delos Rugs "7 Elements of Design" Ad Campaign
client: Delos Rugs
Branding and ad campaign to highlight Delos Rugs' unique rug designs. 
Orotek "Data-Animals" Campaign
Client: Orotek
Branding and ad campaign to highlight Orotek's capacity for the cable installation and software design marketplace.
Tag-line: "Orotek always the best of both world"
Origin Magazine - "Origin Question" Sub-Branding & Layout Solution
Client: Origin Magazine
Designing the look and sub-branding for the Origin Question section of Origin Magazine. 
Tian Justman Ateliers Website
Client; Tian Justman Ateliers
Corporate fashion website & content creation for Tian Justman Fashion.
Origanimals - Product Development, Branding & Package Design
Client: Re:Toys, Inc.
Branding, packaging and product design for recycling Johnston's woven wool into design objects. 
T.Lockman - Newspaper Handbag Catalog Mailer
Client: T.Lockman LLC
Mail-order catalog highlighting the T.Lockman LLC handbag lines. 
T.Lockman LLC - Corporate Website
Client: T. Lockman LLC
Corporate website for T.Lockman LLC.
Delos Rugs - 2009-10 Catalog
Client: Delos Rugs
Conceiving and executing all creative needs for the Delos 2009-10 Product Catalog.
T.Lockman LLC - 2011 Full Design Catalog
Client: T.Lockman LLC
Conceiving and executing all creative needs for the T.Lockman LLC 2011 Full Design Catalog. 
Cavali Design and Build - Branding & Website
Client: Cavali Design & Build
Branding, Intro Animation and Website for Cavali home builders. 
Origin Magazine - Covers Photo Edits
client: Origin Magazine
Photo editing for celebrity covers for Origin Magazine. 
Physicians Complex eCommerce Website
Client: CosMed
An eCommerce Site for the Physician's Complex Brand of skincare products. Site design includes several skin matching matrix applications. 
Tian Justman Branding
Client: Tian Justman Fashion
Full logo and branding for Tian Justman fashion products and marketing materials.
T.Lockman Corporate Identity
Client: T.Lockman LLC
Logo updated and complete corporate and branding ID for T.Lockman LLC. 
SCM Group Gabbiani CNC Product Video
Client: SCM Group - North America
Manufacturing film showing the furniture creation process with the SCM Group Gabbiani CNC Machine. 
Delos Factory Outlet Store
Client: Delos Rugs
Print magazine campaign created with the goal to demonstrate the high quality/ Luxury levels of the product while also demonstrating the ordering simplicity.
Tag-line: "Design without compromise"
Legat Corporate Identity
Client: Legat Realty
Complete Corporate Identity and all Ads & POS materials. 
Tag-line: "Your Castle Awaits"
Aqua Dakini Massage Lotions & Products Packaging
Client: Winter Inc.
Creation of a holistic brand platform and identity, including advertising launch work and product design.
Roswell Office Furniture - Home Office America eCommerce Website
Client: Roswell Office Furniture
Home Office America is the eCommerce portal for the sale of crafted wood office furniture and chairs. 
SCM Group - Product Focus Ads "Wood Carved"
Client: SCM Group - North America
Trade Ads introducing SCM Group products.
Digital Mandate Website
Clients: Digital Mandate
Digital Mandate's Corporate website with built in CRM. 
T.Lockman LLC - "throws + handbags + more" Rorschach Inspired Ad Campaign
Client: T.Lockman LLC
Creating an eye catching visual to bring attention to the brand. 
Orotek Software Animated Commercial
Client: Orotek Software
Animated commercial highlighting the power and interest of the Orotek brand. 
Home Creations Website
Client: Home Creations
Portfolio Website to display Home Creations renovation projects. 
Physicians Complex POS & Branding
Client: CosMed
A range of projects, including the concept and design for the Physician's Complex brand. 
FGI eMarketing Campaign
Client: The Fashion Group International
Event announcements and invitations to FGI events.